Glamour girls and lipstick lesbians

You can not deny the beauty that has been captured when the lighting is done right, the makeup, lips, hair, scene and two gorgeous girls are photographed in sensual scenes. When two beautiful women can connect on an intimate eye contacting scene you can get an occasional glimpse of absolute, intense beauty and passion connecting in a way that you only find written about in romance novels.

Playboy has created many excellent glamour babe photos and videos too. Some of playboy’s video productions have a combination of beautiful women doing sexy and erotic things with great lighting, camera angles and overall hotness. There have been other photographers and videographers that have also produced glamorous adult erotica in print, via video and online.

I look forward to further exploring the classy, glamour pics and videos produced from authors as Soriyama, Olivia, Michael Ninn and others. What glamour films an pictures have you enjoyed that you would recommend?