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I heard about this adult dating stories blog that is apparently brand new, and so far only has a few bits of dating advice and stories from people who are in the dating pool. I had forgotten what it is like to be looking for a date in todays world! It’s crazy to think what it would be like to be constantly on the look, constantly on the search for someone to spend some quality intimate time with.

The story about the guy who went out with his ex girlfriend to try to pick up one her girlfriends is hilarious!

There is a good opportunity for some wild story submissions on the adult dating stories blog, but I think after reading about all the crazy drama out there I may just decide to stay at with my battery operated boyfriend; adult toys are easier to impress. You turn them on, they get you off, everybody is happy.

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I enjoy sharing my thoughts and fantasies through adult blogging, I really enjoy reading other people’s thoughts and desires online. There is a huge mass of millions of people here, online, and most of them are having primal urges too. There are so many people out there who want to explore and tantalize each other, and themselves, online.

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