adult dating stories

I heard about this adult dating stories blog that is apparently brand new, and so far only has a few bits of dating advice and stories from people who are in the dating pool. I had forgotten what it is like to be looking for a date in todays world! It’s crazy to think what it would be like to be constantly on the look, constantly on the search for someone to spend some quality intimate time with.

The story about the guy who went out with his ex girlfriend to try to pick up one her girlfriends is hilarious!

There is a good opportunity for some wild story submissions on the adult dating stories blog, but I think after reading about all the crazy drama out there I may just decide to stay at with my battery operated boyfriend; adult toys are easier to impress. You turn them on, they get you off, everybody is happy.

The risk free threesome – our night with Jenna (love doll lover)

The risk free threesome. He wanted a threesome, I didn’t want any drama. I decided I would do him with another girl, and that girl would be Jenna Jameson. She’s hot, I’d do her all by myself, and I am not worried about him leaving for her. I couldn’t handle any more drama like we had with our last girlfriend, so I ordered the Jenna Jameson extreme love doll.

Days later it arrives, and Friday night I got her blown up, dressed, and I sat on her face to get her mouth glistening with my pussy juice before Kyle got home from work. When he walked in the bedroom I lay half covered with a blanket, my big tits exposed, with Jenna under the covers eating my pussy.

He could tell that someone was under the covers with me and quickly ripped off his clothes and jumped in the sack. I held him at bay. He thought I was just teasing him and keeping away from the girl in the bed with me, but really I just didn’t want him to know the girl under the covers was a love doll. I think anticipation is awesome.

We made out and I could tell he was super excited. He licked my nipples, kissed my neck and the whole time I had a hold of Jenna’s head rubbing my pussy lips. I was soaking for Kyle’s throbbing cock and I knew this was driving him crazy. I tole him to light the candles. He did and turned off the light.Jenna Jameson Love Doll

Jenna’s mouth had warmed up from being between my legs for 20 minutes now, so I pushed Kyle over on his back, straddled his face with my puss and brought Jennas mouth to suck his cock off while I rode his face. I could tell he was about to cum, so I pulled her mouth off and stroked the cum out of his cock. We gave Jenna a facial, and he loved it when he found out it as a sex doll in out threeway trist.

Can’t wait to have another threesome with her.

a dirty mind

Oh to have a dirty mind, and I do.. I find myself constantly thinking perverted thoughts, imagining complex erotic scenes in the world around me. Sometimes I sit back and see a situation around me and imagine it turning completely sexual. I sometimes think if three way or gangbang sex with the strangers I encounter throughout the day.
Once in a while at the office I will imagine what it would be like if bob was fucking lisa in the break room. I consider how they would sound as they try to muffle their lovemaking, the chairs and tables sliding and squeaking while he fucks her from behind in her hiked up brown skirt.

Yeah, I guess I just decided I do have a dirty mind.