I love to travel. I will get up and go on a moments notice. One thing I have realized from travelling mostly by land, you will never get where you’re going inthe time that you expect, and it will cost more money than planned as well.

Sometimes this is a great thing, there have been times when I was stranded in New Mexico calling friends begging for cash to get an axel fixed, that I ran into some very interesting people and enjoying sharing tales of years gone by. I have met some really beautiful girls that way.

Of course it is not always a pleasure to get stuck somewhere low on cash. Once when my purse was lost or stolen (can’t quiote remember the last time I had it), I had to take a job at a truck stop for two weeks just to get the money to keep going, and jeeze! There are some nice people in that place, but there are a lot of perverted freaks too.

I had this one guy offer to buy my panties for $20, and knowing what he was going to do with them, it made me shudder. He was a fat disgusting slob of a truck driver, and he had just taken a shower! I had no other clean drawers to wear, so I declined. A few days later the same guy shows up, and offers me $50. At this point I had washed my other pairs, so I sold them right out from under my skirt – I needed the money! Thankfully that was my last day there andI did not have to worry about seeing that guy again!